Backing up VPS Server to Raspberry Module or Home Server

I had a Raspberry Pi laying around and I was wondering if I could put it to use. Lately, my web hosting server had been hit by a unpleasant attack that wiped all the data on the server nodes. I was glad that they had backups elsewhere to restore from the attack. They may have […]

How to chmod in one shot folders/directories and files

Here is a quick way to change permissions in linux in one shot for directories and files #For directories only: chmod 755 $(find /path/to/base/dir -type d) #For files only: chmod 644 $(find /path/to/base/dir -type f) #and for all: chmod 755 -R /path/to/base/dir

Setting up Cron Jobs

Setting up cron job is a very useful feature offered by Linux if you want to automate commands to run at certain time. # to list current cron jobs running by user. crontab -l # to create a new cron job crontab -u user -e *Note: I am currently running CentOS 6 and editing /etc/crontab […]