How to add international languages into settings on Android Samsung Galaxy S4?

My wife had brought the new Samsung Galaxy S4. She was really excited about the phone, since she is new to Android. (As you guys guessed it, she was an iPhone user before.) The number one issue that she was complaining about, was the international language available to her. The one she got was the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4, Android version 4.2.2. She was shocked to see that Samsung/T-Mobile or who ever it is, had not included the Chinese written language and many others. The only languages available to her was: Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, and 한국의. She told me to take a look at it, I never took noticed of the language setting, as I was okay with English. She on the other hand was not. Is Samsung/T-Mobile/even Google being racism now? 🙁

Now, I have searched all over Google and found nothing. I started reading about cooking my own custom ROM. All that was a waste of time. I decided to look into the system files, and found the XML file that had the settings to enable international languages.

Enabling international Languages within Settings for Android Samsung Galaxy S4.

Quick Instructions:
#1: You will need to root your phone.
#2: Download and install “Root Browser” from the Play Store.
#3: Open the app and navigate to “/system/csc”
#4: Delete or rename “language.xml”

Picture Instructions:
#1: Make sure you have custom ROM that are based on the official Samsung ROM.
The ROM in the screenshot that I am using is the Wicked ROM Version 9.1
Wicked ROM Version 9.1 Galaxy S4

#2: You have to install “Root Browser” from the Play Store App.

#3: Open up “Root Browser” and make sure you download/install all the prerequisites when you first open the app.

#4: Within the “Root Browser,” navigate to the folder:  /system/csc

#5: Rename or delete language.xml

#6: Restart your cell phone if needed. Now, you can see all the available languages within the Android system.

That’s all, now you should be able to see all the international Languages of your choice.

Author: Jason Lin