Increasing PHP File Upload Size on nginx

I am running nginx + php-fpm. I was posting new products to my newly set up Magento website, however when I was uploading the product image I got the “HTTP Upload Error.” I searched only, but did not find the answer to my problem. It turns out that the “HTTP Upload Error” meant that you […]

Cracking my WEP with Backtrack/Kali

*This post is for educational purposes only! Please do not use it against other people! When my friends asks me to setup their router for wi-fi connection, I have always make sure that the encryption is WPA with a strong password. The reason being is that WEP can be easily cracked using a linux tool […]

Setting up DD-WRT router as a switch

This is a post at ddwrt forum by x1st. Original like here   5th time is a charm! This time rather than following the wiki, i went with the intuitive method and now have a working solution. The primary DHCP router is located at I left the dd-wrt secondary router at (I had […]

Angry Bird Toon – First Release

I have heard somewhere that Angry Birds from Rovio will be releasing a cartoon of the game a long time ago. Now, they had finally done it. You may see the video below. No talking, just plan classic Road Runner from Warner Bros type of cartoon.

How to chmod in one shot folders/directories and files

Here is a quick way to change permissions in linux in one shot for directories and files #For directories only: chmod 755 $(find /path/to/base/dir -type d) #For files only: chmod 644 $(find /path/to/base/dir -type f) #and for all: chmod 755 -R /path/to/base/dir

Setting up Cron Jobs

Setting up cron job is a very useful feature offered by Linux if you want to automate commands to run at certain time. # to list current cron jobs running by user. crontab -l # to create a new cron job crontab -u user -e *Note: I am currently running CentOS 6 and editing /etc/crontab […]

Hello World

This is a test of the ChicagoVPS server located at their new location. Hello World Manual Input Test 🙂