Windows 10 Mouse Keyboard Lag

Recently I have been looking for the reason why my newly install Windows 10 have this Mouse/Keyboard lag issue. The mouse would stop moving for 1-3 seconds randomly. Most of this happen when some application utilizes high CPU usage. The issue for my computer was the USB 3.0 chipset on the motherboard had Windows 10 driver issues. In order to fix this mouse or keyboard, I had to sacrifice USB 3.0. I disabled USB 3.0 within my motherboard BIOS settings. The disabling of the USB 3.0 feature helped me clear the issue. So if you have an older motherboard like me, try this thick. I know you lose the 3.0 speed, but hey that is way better than having stupid mouse lag that will make your computer experience bad.

Quickbooks Freezes at 50% When Creating Company File

I just had an issue with a newly installed Quickbooks. I tried to create a new company file and the program would just freeze without giving out any information about the freeze. The solution I came about, was to set your temp folder to be accessed by everyone.

The issue seems to be Windows 7 or 8 itself as it does not allow the new installer to access the temp folder.