Magento, PrestaShop, Opencart Website E-Mail going to Spam

When you set up a website such as e-commerce site. You will need to send out E-Mail within your website. The simplest way to send out E-Mail is by using their build in script, usually called the PHP Mail(). However, when using the service, your E-Mail always seems to go straight to your customers’ E-Mail […]

Running a task in background Linux

Normally you may add “&” to run any command line in background. However you can have a running foreground task be moved to background. Simply press CTRL+Z Type command “bg” And finally press ENTER   That should make the task you want to run on the background within Linux.

nginx How to Alias (Relinking)

I have been setting up Magento E-commerce shop for a few of my clients. Many of them do both wholesale and retail with 2 separate domain names. Since Magento allowed us to setup multi-stores with one platform, one problem I came across was that I need different robots.txt and sitemap.xml set ups for each domain […]

What Privileges should mySQL Backup User have?

It is a good idea to have a separated user for backing up your mySQL database. You should always create mySQL user to run on localhost. You should set the following privileges for your backup mySQL user: Global Privileges: FILE, RELOAD, SUPER Database Privileges: SELECT, SHOW VIEW, LOCK TABLES

How to Set SSL Ciphers and update OpenSSL for PCI Compliant (Apache)

SSL Cipher Settings (PCI Compliant) If you going to use SSL for your site, make sure that you disable low level ciphers. To do this, simply edit: #/etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf SSLProtocol -ALL +SSLv3 +TLSv1 SSLHonorCipherOrder On SSLCipherSuite ALL:!ADH:!EXPORT:!SSLv2:RCA4+RSA:+HIGH:!LOW:!MEDIUM #Save the file and restart the apache service httpd restart #check to see if the settings are working openssl […]

How to Remove Apache Header

Removing Apache Header Some third party scanners gives a warning about having the Apache server name to be public. One of the main reasons to hide this is to give hackers a hard time to guess what web servers you are using. Giving out your Apache version and your OS can let hackers quickly search […]

Backing up VPS Server to Raspberry Module or Home Server

I had a Raspberry Pi laying around and I was wondering if I could put it to use. Lately, my web hosting server had been hit by a unpleasant attack that wiped all the data on the server nodes. I was glad that they had backups elsewhere to restore from the attack. They may have […]

Increasing PHP File Upload Size on nginx

I am running nginx + php-fpm. I was posting new products to my newly set up Magento website, however when I was uploading the product image I got the “HTTP Upload Error.” I searched only, but did not find the answer to my problem. It turns out that the “HTTP Upload Error” meant that you […]

How to chmod in one shot folders/directories and files

Here is a quick way to change permissions in linux in one shot for directories and files #For directories only: chmod 755 $(find /path/to/base/dir -type d) #For files only: chmod 644 $(find /path/to/base/dir -type f) #and for all: chmod 755 -R /path/to/base/dir

Setting up Cron Jobs

Setting up cron job is a very useful feature offered by Linux if you want to automate commands to run at certain time. # to list current cron jobs running by user. crontab -l # to create a new cron job crontab -u user -e *Note: I am currently running CentOS 6 and editing /etc/crontab […]