Why not to same your login password within your browser

If you save your login passwords for certain website for easy access, you are at risk of having someone stealing your password with a simple technique. You can try this within Google Chrome or Firefox with Firebug Addon. Simply go into some website that you had your password saved. Right click on the password field […]

Cracking my WEP with Backtrack/Kali

*This post is for educational purposes only! Please do not use it against other people! When my friends asks me to setup their router for wi-fi connection, I have always make sure that the encryption is WPA with a strong password. The reason being is that WEP can be easily cracked using a linux tool […]

Angry Bird Toon – First Release

I have heard somewhere that Angry Birds from Rovio will be releasing a cartoon of the game a long time ago. Now, they had finally done it. You may see the video below. No talking, just plan classic Road Runner from Warner Bros type of cartoon.