Windows 10 Mouse Keyboard Lag

Recently I have been looking for the reason why my newly install Windows 10 have this Mouse/Keyboard lag issue. The mouse would stop moving for 1-3 seconds randomly. Most of this happen when some application utilizes high CPU usage. The issue for my computer was the USB 3.0 chipset on the motherboard had Windows 10 driver issues. In order to fix this mouse or keyboard, I had to sacrifice USB 3.0. I disabled USB 3.0 within my motherboard BIOS settings. The disabling of the USB 3.0 feature helped me clear the issue. So if you have an older motherboard like me, try this thick. I know you lose the 3.0 speed, but hey that is way better than having stupid mouse lag that will make your computer experience bad.

Quickbooks Freezes at 50% When Creating Company File

I just had an issue with a newly installed Quickbooks. I tried to create a new company file and the program would just freeze without giving out any information about the freeze. The solution I came about, was to set your temp folder to be accessed by everyone.

The issue seems to be Windows 7 or 8 itself as it does not allow the new installer to access the temp folder.

Magento, PrestaShop, Opencart Website E-Mail going to Spam

When you set up a website such as e-commerce site. You will need to send out E-Mail within your website. The simplest way to send out E-Mail is by using their build in script, usually called the PHP Mail(). However, when using the service, your E-Mail always seems to go straight to your customers’ E-Mail spam section.

Here is one of the fixes that you will need:

You need to set your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) correctly. You can read more about SPF Record at the wikipedia site. You can set the SPF where you set up your DNS configurations.

I have my domains with CloudFlare. Setting up on their DNS control panel was simple to do, yours may not be as easy.

Here is the config:
VALUE: v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all
TTL: 1 hour

You can see the Wikipedia page for more SPF command lines.


As you can see from the above config, I am telling the E-Mail client that the E-Mail going out of my web server is valid and owned by my domain name. Therefore, making the E-Mail legit.

If this fix does not work for you, you may have other problems.

Unlocking and Rooting Nexus 7 2013 Edition

Unlocking and rooting the Nexus 7 is a plus in a few ways. I was very happy with the stock android, but there was somethings that I wanted to run that requires root. Therefore, I was forced to root.

The reason that I needed to root was for:
1. Greenify – an app that will hibernate closed apps, helping you to save some battery life.
2. SMS enabling – I am using the Nexus 7 LTE version and would like to use the SMS feature that Android KitKat 4.4.2 took away.
3. OTG USB Mount – to be able to use my USB Drive on the device.

Let’s get started with rooting and also learn a little adb and fastboot commands.

1. Install the Android SDK to your system. LINK
2. On the device: Navigate to Settings –> About Tablet and press the “Build Number” until you see a pop up message saying that you had enabled the Development option.
3. On the device: Go back to Settings–> Development Options and check USB debugging.
4. Windows: run cmd

adb devices

This will show the device that is connected to your computer. If you can not see your device, then there is a problem with your drive installation.
5. Reboot the device to bootloader mode:

adb reboot bootloader

6. You will need to unlock your device first. Be warned that unlock your device will erase all your files and data. If you forgot to back them up, you may reboot your device and save all the files before continuing.

fastboot oem unlock

7. Once you are unlocked you may install the TWRP recovery.
Nexus 7 2013 Wi-fi
Nexus 7 2013 LTE
Run the command to install the custom recovery

fastboot flash recovery

8. Download root SU binaries and the app. LINK
9. On the device: Navigate to the recovery using the volume button and power button to enter.
10. On the device: Once you had loaded TWRP, navigate to Advanced–>ADB sideload
11. Run the command:

adb sideload

This is install Root SuperSU on your device.
12. On the device: Navigate to Advanved–>Fix Permission
13. Done!

Your device should now be rooted and ready to use.

Apple Store Offering Broken iPhone 5c Screen Fix

If you have had your iPhone 5c screen broken or cracked because of a hard drop, then Apple will be offering a repair service right at the spot at their retail store. Their service for the repair is about 1 hour depending on the load of the day.

Apple is planning to offer the service starting on January 20th of 2014. So head over to their retail store to fix your beloved iPhone 5c. Of course, all this do cost money. For regular customers, the cost will be $149. And for Apple Care subscribers, it will cost only $49.

They are currently not offering iPhone 5s screen cracked repairs just yet.

Good luck to your device and hope Apple will bring back your phone to life.

Asus Google Nexus 7 2013 Cracked Screen Fixed

To people who have not gotten the Nexus 7 2013 yet, I need to warn you before you buy. I had had the tablet for around 3 weeks before the screen cracked on me. I did not drop the tablet at all. I needed the tablet to play around in my car, so I slide the Nexus 7 into my pocket. When I got to my car and it was time to set the map and everything, I had noticed the crack on the screen. I mean, oh my god, how can a screen crack like that. Is it the cold? Is it my keys in my pocket? Well, guess what, I searched online for Nexus 7 Cracked screen and found that many people having the same issue.

I contacted Asus via their web chat service. The customer service rep asked me to send in the device for check up. However I refused at first due to the fact that he/she mentioned that physical damage is not covered under warranty. I reply back with big caps: “IT IS NOT PHYSICAL DAMAGE, IT JUST CRACKED, IT IS ASUS DESIGN ISSUE.” He/she did not seem to care.

I finally took the chance to send them the device for repair and hoping that it would be covered under warranty. I was lucking that Asus had covered the issue under warranty. Asus was fairly quick on the repair. They received the package on Friday and repaired it within 3 days.

BTW: I just wiped the Nexus 7 to Stock, but forgot to lock the bootloader back.

Let’s see what happens when I receive the package from them.

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nginx How to Alias (Relinking)

I have been setting up Magento E-commerce shop for a few of my clients. Many of them do both wholesale and retail with 2 separate domain names. Since Magento allowed us to setup multi-stores with one platform, one problem I came across was that I need different robots.txt and sitemap.xml set ups for each domain as search engines only looks for them at the root directory. So, I had to redirect these files depending on the domain at the nginx level so that search engine can get access to the correct file.

The following config will help you redirect/alias

location /filename {
        alias /path/to/the/file;