To people who have not gotten the Nexus 7 2013 yet, I need to warn you before you buy. I had had the tablet for around 3 weeks before the screen cracked on me. I did not drop the tablet at all. I needed the tablet to play around in my car, so I slide the Nexus 7 into my pocket. When I got to my car and it was time to set the map and everything, I had noticed the crack on the screen. I mean, oh my god, how can a screen crack like that. Is it the cold? Is it my keys in my pocket? Well, guess what, I searched online for Nexus 7 Cracked screen and found that many people having the same issue.

I contacted Asus via their web chat service. The customer service rep asked me to send in the device for check up. However I refused at first due to the fact that he/she mentioned that physical damage is not covered under warranty. I reply back with big caps: “IT IS NOT PHYSICAL DAMAGE, IT JUST CRACKED, IT IS ASUS DESIGN ISSUE.” He/she did not seem to care.

I finally took the chance to send them the device for repair and hoping that it would be covered under warranty. I was lucking that Asus had covered the issue under warranty. Asus was fairly quick on the repair. They received the package on Friday and repaired it within 3 days.

BTW: I just wiped the Nexus 7 to Stock, but forgot to lock the bootloader back.

Let’s see what happens when I receive the package from them.

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