My wife had brought the new Samsung Galaxy S4. She was really excited about the phone, since she is new to Android. (As you guys guessed it, she was an iPhone user before.) The number one issue that she was complaining about, was the international language available to her. The one she got was the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4, Android version 4.2.2. She was shocked to see that Samsung/T-Mobile or who ever it is, had not included the Chinese written language and many others. The only languages available to her was: Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, and 한국의. She told me to take a look at it, I never took noticed of the language setting, as I was okay with English. She on the other hand was not. Is Samsung/T-Mobile/even Google being racism now? 🙁

Now, I have searched all over Google and found nothing. I started reading about cooking my own custom ROM. All that was a waste of time. I decided to look into the system files, and found the XML file that had the settings to enable international languages.

Enabling international Languages within Settings for Android Samsung Galaxy S4.

Quick Instructions:
#1: You will need to root your phone.
#2: Download and install “Root Browser” from the Play Store.
#3: Open the app and navigate to “/system/csc”
#4: Delete or rename “language.xml”

Picture Instructions:
#1: Make sure you have custom ROM that are based on the official Samsung ROM.
The ROM in the screenshot that I am using is the Wicked ROM Version 9.1

Wicked ROM Version 9.1 Galaxy S4

#2: You have to install “Root Browser” from the Play Store App.

#3: Open up “Root Browser” and make sure you download/install all the prerequisites when you first open the app.

#4: Within the “Root Browser,” navigate to the folder:  /system/csc

#5: Rename or delete language.xml

#6: Restart your cell phone if needed. Now, you can see all the available languages within the Android system.

That’s all, now you should be able to see all the international Languages of your choice.

Author: Jason Lin

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        1. Can i do this for a custom rom samsung galaxy pocket s 5300 rom called purenature kitkat i opened the file and see language how can i add arabic language please answer me

    1. Hello. i have bought new Brand: Vivo, Model: Y11, Network type: TD-LTE (4G)/TD-SCDMA/GSM, Size: 5.5 inches. but problem is that, inside mobile setting there is no other language only chinese is present. but i need international english language. so can any body know about the problem to solve at. email me. [email protected]

  1. I have been following this article and comments
    I have a new s4 from t-mobile and samsung has told me
    1-The phone is manufactured with all the languages
    2-the phone only contains the six languages that I see
    T-mobile (at the store) told me that the solution is in
    b-Google Play

    Google told me that they were only the owners of the Google Play mall and could not offer any advice or suggestions on specific apps

    1. Hello, I use T-mobile Galaxy S4 as well. Yes, the languages are all included within the phone, however it is locked. You will need to root your phone first before you can unlock all the languages of your choice. I will try to post a blog on how to root your Samsung Galaxy S4 tonight. I guess that Samsung only likes certain people to user their phone :p

  2. Hello, thanks for the post. I rooted my phone and did everything you told me, however:

    1) Whenever I open Root Browser, and try to edit language.xml, it still is never able to save anything.
    2)Everytime I click on save I always get “Failed saving language xml.”, then when I open “Superuser” it says that there is no SU binary installed yet, even though I have also already installed Titanium backup.

    Here is how I supposedly rooted my phone:

    1) Plugged it in to my Windows laptop and downloaded SAMSUNG USB driver for phones
    2) Went to settings, about device
    3) Became developer of the phone
    4) Went to developer options
    5) Checked USB Debouge
    6) Installed motorchop
    7) Extracted motorchop on WinZip
    8) Opened run.bam
    9) Once I opened run.bam and I pressed “enter”, it repeatedly kept saying that “adb” is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file, then it said “exploit complete”.
    10) I pressed any key like it asked me to, download Superuser (my phone did not come with it), and Root Browser
    11) Now whenever I open Root Browser, and try to edit language.xml, it never was and still is not able to save anything.
    2) Everytime I click on save I always get “Failed saving language xml.”, then when I open “Superuser” it says that there is no SU binary installed yet, even though I have also already installed Titanium backup.

    By the way I am with Rogers, just thought I’d let you know that. So I mean if I missed a step and or did something wrong, please let me know asap. Thanks.

    1. “it repeatedly kept saying that “adb” is not recognized as an internal or external command”

      Your ADB should be recognized. Try reinstalling your Samsung USB driver with the lastest software from Samsung.

      You may want to download the ATT version I believe.

  3. Can you please tell me what you mean by: #4: Delete or rename “language.xml”
    How do I delete it? OR how do I rename it? Am I supposed to enter something in that .xml file in RB text editor?

    thank you!

  4. I deleted the “language.xml” file, and after restart it is still giving me the stock Language there’s no chinese.

      1. Why this procedure only works with a non stock firmware? Is there a way to enable languages with the stock firmware?

      2. Hi, I am experiencing the same problem. No international languages are available after all the steps we’re completed. How do I root my browser?

  5. I have already rooted my device, it is approved by root checker. I have deleted/ renamed language.xml but, I still don’t have the language I want in the setting. What am I doing wrong?
    I have a Galaxy S4 with Sprint and software is 4.3.

  6. Hi! I{m sorry to bother you, i was wondering if you might be able to help me. I bought an Asian galaxy s4 i9506 and to my regret it doesnt have the language i need. would you briefly tell me how to rom this device, its unblocked, no service provider, so im not sure which rom to look for.
    All the best,

  7. hi guys.if.any one help me plz.i have 2 problems with my new galaxy s4.
    1. i have tried every version of play store.when i download n install it shows installation complete.i see icon with white bag of play store.but i does not open and before opening it closes already.
    2. i have only 3 languages only.cines english and korean.unable to install other to root?

  8. I just got my gs4 and followed the procedures to root my phone. It doesn’t let me to name language.xml. mine is I337 baseband version. please help

    1. Yes, it is true that you can set the language in the keyboard… However this is for people who wants to change the whole system to display their preferred language

  9. As Knox comes with new devices, I am afraid of custom ROMs which can trip the counter. So here it goes:

    1. Follow steps 1 to 4, but do NOT use custom ROMs

    5. After deleting the language XML file or using Language Enabler, do NOT stop here. You must change lines 2 through 4 using Root Browser. Here is an example (using an unlocked USA device, no carrier).
    Line 2: USA
    Line 3: en
    Line 4: XAR

    6. You will need to unroot once you are done making changes, as you won’t be able to update any further if you remain rooted.

    7. Unroot the device with Universal Unroot, and you are finished. The warranty will be reinstated and you can now update to the latest version.

    It is working fine on the Galaxy Camera 2 (EK-GC200).

  10. cs378, wht am is supposed to do with the wicked v9.1 .zip file, do i have to extract it on my phone or use my computer to do it or…?

  11. I’m rooted Used Root browser, found the directory, no file called “language.xml” I’m using gingerbread 2.3.3.

  12. I bought a Samsung s4 from Chain. i do found any Google ply store & i do not add any Google account. how i solve the problem. and some of chines language is still there. what can i change the total china language? please help…

  13. Thank you Jason!
    For some unknown reason my Galaxy Tab S have created that file. It made me unable to change anything in language settings!

    You SAVED my day! <3

  14. Thank you very much its perfect and easy solution.
    I was missing Arabic language but after try your solution its work like a charm.

  15. this sounds like an easy step to solve my problem but i cant just get it done. i downloaded the cd rom file from the link on the post….i dont know how to root…clicked developer option on my phone 5 times and even did usb debugging and folowed the rest of the step but still nothing is happening. maybe if you could include the how to root step it would have made life easier for us that are not a computer guru.

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