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5th time is a charm!

This time rather than following the wiki, i went with the intuitive method and now have a working solution.

The primary DHCP router is located at I left the dd-wrt secondary router at (I had done this on the original attempt but it still wouldn’t find the router.)

I suspect the settings in the GUI that are defaulted to off/disabled may have been an issue and I don’t remember if on the first time I had changed these.

Either way here is what I did in-case anyone else finds this post and is having the same problem.

This is for a wired connection to my primary router which handles DHCP. I also was wired into the router for the setup (don’t plug into the WAN port on the router for upstream connections, only use the PC/LAN ports for both upstream and then to the individual computers)

For reference: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/07/10) std (SVN revision 14896)

Setup -> Basic Setup
Connection Type – Disabled
Router IP – (Same subnet as my primary router and not within the DHCP range. Primary router is a DSL/WAP modem/router in one and I can’t control the DHCP range which is
Gateway & Local DNS – left empty
DHCP Server – Disabled (radio button)
DNSMasq options – Deselect both


Setup -> Advanced Routing
Operating Mode – Router


Wireless – configure this later after getting a working solution.

Services -> Services

DNSMasq – Disabled
Secure Shell – SSHd – enable
Telnet – Enable
traff Daemon – Disabled


Security -> Firewall (I left everything default)
SPI Firewall – I left enabled


Administration -> Management
Web Access
– Enable info Site – Enable
– Info Site Password Protection – Enabled
– Info Site MAC Masking – Enable

Remote Access
– Web GUI Management – Enable
– SSH Management- Enable
– Telnet Management – Enable
– Allow Any Remote IP – Enable


Hope that helps.

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