Windows 10 Mouse Keyboard Lag

Recently I have been looking for the reason why my newly install Windows 10 have this Mouse/Keyboard lag issue. The mouse would stop moving for 1-3 seconds randomly. Most of this happen when some application utilizes high CPU usage. The issue for my computer was the USB 3.0 chipset on the motherboard had Windows 10 […]

Quickbooks Freezes at 50% When Creating Company File

I just had an issue with a newly installed Quickbooks. I tried to create a new company file and the program would just freeze without giving out any information about the freeze. The solution I came about, was to set your temp folder to be accessed by everyone. The issue seems to be Windows 7 […]

Magento, PrestaShop, Opencart Website E-Mail going to Spam

When you set up a website such as e-commerce site. You will need to send out E-Mail within your website. The simplest way to send out E-Mail is by using their build in script, usually called the PHP Mail(). However, when using the service, your E-Mail always seems to go straight to your customers’ E-Mail […]

Running a task in background Linux

Normally you may add “&” to run any command line in background. However you can have a running foreground task be moved to background. Simply press CTRL+Z Type command “bg” And finally press ENTER   That should make the task you want to run on the background within Linux.

Unlocking and Rooting Nexus 7 2013 Edition

Unlocking and rooting the Nexus 7 is a plus in a few ways. I was very happy with the stock android, but there was somethings that I wanted to run that requires root. Therefore, I was forced to root. The reason that I needed to root was for: 1. Greenify – an app that will […]

Apple Store Offering Broken iPhone 5c Screen Fix

If you have had your iPhone 5c screen broken or cracked because of a hard drop, then Apple will be offering a repair service right at the spot at their retail store. Their service for the repair is about 1 hour depending on the load of the day. Apple is planning to offer the service […]

Asus Google Nexus 7 2013 Cracked Screen Fixed

To people who have not gotten the Nexus 7 2013 yet, I need to warn you before you buy. I had had the tablet for around 3 weeks before the screen cracked on me. I did not drop the tablet at all. I needed the tablet to play around in my car, so I slide […]

Where to get Cheap Wholesale Handbags?

I would like to thank Ellene Handbags for providing me Wholesale Handbags¬†at great pricing. They are located in Los Angeles, Carlifornia. In my spare time, I usually do a side flea market sale in the weekends. I like to be outside and meet people as I make sales on handbags. I do not really care […]

nginx How to Alias (Relinking)

I have been setting up Magento E-commerce shop for a few of my clients. Many of them do both wholesale and retail with 2 separate domain names. Since Magento allowed us to setup multi-stores with one platform, one problem I came across was that I need different robots.txt and sitemap.xml set ups for each domain […]